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Friday, November 11, 2011

What Book Reviewers Are Saying About Kai & Button Contest

In Dark Seeker Kai is the gorgeous hybrid bad-boy with a jaded past that Janie is trained to hunt. Here's what reviewers are saying about Kai...

"I was reading at a decent pace and enjoying the book. But when the character of Kai was introduced, as my aunt would say, "Oh, Lawdy". Talk about one sizzling hot bad-boy. After Kai came along, well, my interest was definitely piqued. Kai is everything Janie was been warned about and trained to kill. But when she starts uncovering secrets from Kai's past, she discovers that everything is not what it seems." -The Bookish Babes

"Kai is adorable, I knew from the first scene with them together I was going to love him and I do." -Book Passion for Life

"Kai...dear, sweet Kai. Ok so guess what? I got me a new fictional boyfriend to add to my list! Kai is a hot mystery. He is an absolute sweet heart who lives with a guilty consciousness and doesn't want to be lonely anymore. He truly "feels" for Janie and would lay down his life for her in a heartbeat. Again I love how further into the book Taryn gave his view on things every now and then because I truly got to understand him and fell even more in love with him. "-Girls on YA Books

"Kai....Oh how I fell for this boy from the moment he jumped on the page. All hello, I'm here and look at me cause I'm bada@@! He is amazing considering all he's been through *nope not telling* He is a strong, sexy, snarky and very loveable guy. Some of my fave lines in the book all come from him! I really went all fangirl for him" -SupaGurl Books

"The chemistry between Kai and Janie was so intense!" -Livin' Life Through Books

"Kai was just perfect. He captured my heart from the beginning. He was strong, sweet, but at the same time a bit cold. He had a tough past and it showed with how he dealt with his feelings. I loved it and I loved reading about his past. It made him feel so real. He’s definitely going into my book boyfriend list. He was just so sweet and swoon-worthy!" -My Cute Bookshelf 

"Kai is a gorgeous mystery; he is sarcastic and stubborn and has a knack for showing up wherever Janie is. His guilt weighs heavy on him and I was eager to learn more of his past and secrets. He brought out not only the worst in her but also the best. Kai for me was a wonderful male love interest for Janie and I really liked his little bouts of jealousy." -Obsession With Books

"Kai is a really interesting character. He is mysterious, cautious and really protective when he cares about someone. It is so cool to read about a demon-vampire hybrid. Janie and Kai´s relationship is intense and quite forbidden. This makes it all so much more complicated. And a good story is always complicated." -Rather Barefoot than Bookless

"Browning had me completely on edge in regards to Kai.  His storyline is full of mystery and I constantly found myself wondering about his heritage. I’ll tell you this – it certainly isn’t an answer you would suspect. I kept throwing around ideas in my head, but I never even got close. I just simply never suspected the true answer. She also keeps you guessing about the skeletons in his closet. I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys, but I will tell you this – I LOVED Kai. I have found myself a new book boyfriend. He’s endearing and sweet, yet tough at the same time. He’s got a backbone, but he has a conscience too. And Janie and Kai together? Magic, my dears. Pure magic.  The two are easily one of my favorite new young adult duos." -That Bookish Girl

"Kai - oh...Kai, Kai, Kai - I love everything about you, my tortured hero. From your green eyes to your scarred chest - from your motorcycle (that I really want) to your blood stained boots." -Cassandra

"The romance was nicely developed and there was a bit of an obstacle tossed in that could make the reader think. What would I have done if that had been me? Would I have been as forgiving as her, no matter how reformed he was presently?" -The Bookaholic

"One of the hottest guys to hit YA fiction. I loved Kai. He is … well, I'm not going to give away what he is, because that would spoil the story for you, but he is HOT! However, it's not only his looks that make him appealing, but his personality as well. He and Janie have some fabulous witty banter, but you'll also get to see a deeper side of him when Taryn gives you a few glimpses of what's going on from his point of view. His love story with Janie is sweet, and will also leave you wanting more." -Michelle Madow, author of Remembrance

Now for the CONTEST...

Design a "Kai" button and post the link in the comments section. Feel free to link it back to your blog. Once all buttons are posted, we will choose a winner. The WINNER will receive a personalized autographed copy of Dark Seeker. I will also place the winning button on my website & blog with credit to the artist of course! :)

I look forward to seeing your amazing Kai buttons. Thanks so much for entering. I know you all have talent...I've seen your buttons on twitter, facebook, your blogs, etc. You blow me away with your artistic abilities.

All buttons/links need to be posted by December 10th! :)

All the best,
Taryn :))


  1. Ok girly here is my Kai...

    I put him on his own page LOL ya know cause he is badass enough he needed it.


  2. OMG, Heather! He's a hottie. And those eyes!! You're talented, girl! Of course, I love that he has his own page. Thanks <3! :)

  3. Hi Jaiden,

    I just added the date to the post, thank you! December 10th! I hope you'll be entering! It's been so much fun! :)

  4. Ok cool! I can't wait to start on this! :D

  5. I decided to do somethin a lil different for my button. I love his green eyes and him and his sword soooo I combined them! Hope you like it! :)(its uploaded on photobucket so it would have its own HTML too)

    Team Kai Button:


  6. Wow, Jaiden! That is SO cool! I love that your button is different. You're right, his eyes and his blade definitely make him unique. I like how those features are highlighted in your button. Such a creative idea & WOW, you're mega talented too! Thank you so much for entering! It's awesome!! <3 :)

  7. ok that is pretty cool! Awesomness Jaiden

  8. Had to read through the chapters on your site just to have an idea of what Kai looked like since I haven't read the book yet. LOL


  9. Ooh Fun! I had a bit of a play as well.. (I hope I have posted the right link)

    Sharon @ Obsession with Books

  10. Hi Pam,

    Wow, you did an awesome job and from just the first 4 chapters, so cool! The scar is amazing! The green really brings out his eyes...haha, and whew, he's totally hot. I'm so glad I'm not judging. You all are so flippin talented. Hope you're enjoying the book! :)

  11. Yay, Sharon, I'm so happy you entered. Again, awesome button. My goodness, those eyes -- absolutely gorgeous and I love the dagger. You girls seriously have mega talent. This is so exciting!! Thanks <3 for entering! These buttons are giving me a permanent smile! I love seeing Kai come to life! :)