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Monday, April 16, 2012

Get a FREE E-copy of Whispering Hills with 1 Tweet

 Thank you everyone for participating in the FREE E-copy Event! It was SO much fun! Unfortunately, the event is now closed! Thanks for stopping by! :)

I will send an e-copy (epub, kindle, or pdf) to anyone who sends out 1 to 2 tweets about my NEW YA paranormal romance, Whispering Hills, to 10 people. You may need to send out more than one tweet in order to contact 1o people and stay within twitter's maximum number of characters allowed. It's that easy and you win a free e-book.

Leave your name, e-mail, e-copy version you'd prefer and the links to your tweets in the comments section below and I will send you a FREE e-copy of Whispering Hills. Also, it's not required, but I'd love it if you followed my blog! Thx :)

This offer lasts from now 10 am 4-16-12 until midnight eastern time on 4-16-12. It is international!

It's very easy! I've already created the tweet to copy and paste. Just add 10 people of your choice to @. Here is the tweet you can use:
I want to read #WhisperingHills by Taryn Browning. ONLY $0.99 for Kindle & Nook! @(person 1's name) @(person 2's name), etc. until you have @ 10 people. 
**(you may need to use more than 1 tweet to contact 10 people - and don't forget to use the hashtag # before WhisperingHills)

Taryn :)


  1. You are so wonderful!

    Tweet 1 -!/BReadThanDead/status/191949873971601409

    Tweet 2 -!/BReadThanDead/status/191949091410952192

    My name is Kristin,, and a kindle copy would be great!

    Thanks so much!

  2. Name: Kelly Mills; Email:; Prefer a Kindle copy

    Tweet 1:!/kellym2372/status/191960501167730689

    Tweet 2:!/kellym2372/status/191961460522487809

    Tweet 3:!/kellym2372/status/191962246530859008

    This is awesome! Thank you so, so much!

  3. Thanks for the free copy. :) I'm Jennifer, my email is and I'd like a kindle copy please.



    Thank you!

  4. Thank you for the chance to read Whispering Hills! My names Rob. Email: and I'd prefer an epub copy please.

    1st -!/miztrebor/status/191974726002937856

    2nd -!/miztrebor/status/191975040865153025

  5. Thank you for the chance to read Whispering Hills ! :)I'm Mini, my email is and I'd prefer a pdf :)

    1st -!/CrescentMoon08/status/191979128038227968

    2nd -!/CrescentMoon08/status/191978627448061953

    Thank you ! :)

  6. Thank you for this opportunity! My name is Emerald. Email is and I prefer Kindle format. :)

    Tweet 1:!/emeraldbarnes/status/191997194163859457

    Tweet 2:!/emeraldbarnes/status/191998826872193026

  7. Thanks for the chance! I'm Zareen, e-mail is, and I'd love a Kindle copy. :)

    Tweet 1:!/ShiningStar786/statuses/192012360511258624
    Tweet 2:!/ShiningStar786/statuses/192012801655582721

  8. Thanks for this!

    Tweet 1:!/goldensunangel/status/192019714187329536
    Tweet 2:!/goldensunangel/status/192020075316903936
    Tweet 3:!/goldensunangel/status/192020268389122049

    taiyouryu@gmail - I prefer epub. :D

  9. You can find my tweets here:!/GAB_Reviews

    Thanks for doing this! My name is Dorothy. My email is AND I'd LOVE a kindle copy please. :)

  10. awesome giveaway...! my name is when here's my mail
    and... mobi would be GREAT thanks! hihihi ;))

    tweet #1

    tweet #2

  11. Awesome giveaway. I may be late but I tried. :)


    - Beckie

  12. Awesome!

    -The Haunted Rose