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Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Whispering Hills Crossword Puzzle

Welcome to the Whispering Hills Crossword Puzzle. Use the form below to write in ALL of the answers correctly and you will be placed in a random drawing to WIN a personalized copy of Whispering Hills. If you haven't read the book yet, no have plenty of time. The crossword puzzle lasts until Oct 31st. The WINNER will be announced on Nov. 1st! The crossword is International. Good luck ;) 

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Do both of the above and you can get two wrong and still be entered to win.

6. Telepathic girl
12. Witch
24. Evil being
39. Car Alexis drives
52. Mysterious new guy
58. Where Alexis 1st searches for the girl's body
67. Where they find the girl's body
74. Drawing that connects Alexis & Chance
83. Gabriel's relationship to Chance
92. Summer

1. An ethereal being
2. Necklace
14. Alexis & Chance's first date
31. Summer's symbol 
42. Alexis finds herself trapped in its path
44. Chance wears it
61. The crash scene
73. Gabriel's phobia

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