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Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Blogoversary Shoutout to Girls on YA Books!

Happy Happy Birthday to Girls on YA Books! For her blogoversary, Jaiden opens up about blogging, authors, books and "firsts." You'll have to read that section, and the section on "shoutouts." Then you'll see why she almost had me in tears.

Not only is Jaiden a fabulous blogger, but a wonderful person and friend. I am honored to have been her "first." In a way, she was my first reviewer too. Just as Jaiden was excited to receive my e-mail requesting a review of my book for her blog, I was SO excited she said "yes." Her review of Dark Seeker was the most amazing praise of my work. She believed in my book, and in me. It's a tough business. It's people like Jaiden that keep you writing. She is why I love sharing my crazy thoughts with the world.

If you want a fabulous resource for books, I'd follow her blog. Please support her hard work and dedication to readers and authors everywhere. At fifteen, she's already following her dreams. So proud of you, girly <3! 

Plus, she's giving away lots of cool books! Don't miss her blogoversary giveaway! You could win a prize pack!

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  1. Awwwe!! Omg you have ME in tears!! You are sooo amazing and I am soo blessed to have you in my life!! Thank you SO SO much!! You are too kind! Ah! I don't even know what to say! This will always be a great memory and forever will I remember this!!

    Much love!! <3
    xo, Jaiden