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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why is it so natural to fall for the bad guys in fiction?

Whether it's movies, TV or books we tend to gravitate toward the "bad" boys when in "real" life they would only break our hearts, or worse, depending on the shows we watch or the books we read. If the bad boy is a vampire, it could mean death. You know who I'm talking about...Damon, Jace, even the sociopathic ghost, Gabriel, in my book Whispering Hills and Kai from Dark Seeker.

It's so hard not to love them. I believe that deep down at the core we are "love." It's when "lower" feelings such as anger, betrayal, jealousy, frustration, etc. get in the way our ability to be compassionate and love unconditionally get covered up. 

Deepak Chopra said in The Path to Love, "Ultimately people are good because of who they are; goodness is a quality of being. Once we have made this discovery, we stop measuring people by their achievements. We expect goodness as part of their essence, and of ours. When this happens, we no longer expect a reward for doing good. We no longer bestow love when people are go to us and withdraw it when they are bad. Instead love becomes a constant in our lives. It just is. People who have reached this stage are in true possession of their love stories." 

Yes, it's the compassion we feel for those bad boys who have led such dysfunctional lives, or have been hurt so badly that their internal wounds attract us to them. I believe that deep down we all know that inherently everyone is good. It's the pain of life expressed outwardly that causes them to act out of fear instead of love...and there lies our compassion. Plus, they are so fun to read about, and swoon over, lol! :)



  1. I think we also fall for the badboys because we want and hope for them to become good. That the love of another will bring them into the light and be redeemed.

  2. I guess for one, we can't get hurt when it's only fiction!

    And in real life, people always think they can change a ''bad guy'' so I maybe that's a part of it, too.

    Plus they're the most entertaining type to read about!